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Johnnie D: Don’t Give Up

Oct 7, 2019     Belinda Elliott   0 Comment     Film

Johnnie D. has been with the Norfolk Street Choir since its very beginning. He has watched it grow from a small group of members into a family that enjoys coming together to rehearse and then sharing their message with others. 

As a singer/songrwriter himself, he said he was honored when the choir chose to perform one of his original songs titled ‘Don’t give up.’ He wrote the song in 1996 after competing in the Special Olympics. “In 1999 it was my graduation song,” he explained. “I won a $2,000 scholarship for it, so it’s one of those special songs.”

He was also given the opportunity to record the song in a professional studio, which will help him gain more exposure for his music. “I’ve been able to get myself out there more, even though it is just one song,” he said. “I have many songs that I’ve written, but recording ‘Don’t Give Up,’ is a huge start for me.”

He has also reaped other rewards from participating in the choir, which include gaining experience in performing and forming new friendships. 

“I just love coming here,” he said. “Ever since we’ve started I’ve been here from day one. We get good little prizes for performing and rehearsing, so it’s like we’re getting something good out of it, and we’re learning how to sing much better and be in front of audiences.”

Learn more about the film at whro.org/cityvoices.

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